Prescription Safety Glasses

Are your employees still provided with goggles over their own glasses?

This is not a good idea as there are many disadvantages and discomfort caused by wearing a goggle (fitover) over their own prescription glasses. Your eyes are your most important sensory organ which also happen to be most vulnerable, and we, the prescription safety glasses specialist are committed to their protection. Our selected safety eyewear can carry you from the workplace to the street.

Asian fit design

We understand the unique needs of protective eyewear for every worker in the region especially for those who require vision correction. That is why our premium selection of prescription safety glasses are specially designed for Asian fit with prescribed correction to ensure the perfection on the comfort level whenever you wear it.

Setting the standard

All of our premium selection prescription safety glasses comply with American USA ANSI Z87.1-2015, ANSI Z87.1-2010 or ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard.

10 reasons to upgrade to PRESCRIPTION safety glasses

  1. Increase comfort
  2. Reduce weight
  3. Less reflection
  4. Less restriction of visual field
  5. More fashionable look
  6. Ease in movements
  7. Increase vision accuracy
  8. Improved vision leading to greater precision and efficiency while working
  9. Better employee compliance reducing the potential lost time through injuries
  10. When employees experience ‘ownership’ of protective eyewear tailored to their individualneed, they may be less likely to regard them as disposable and therefore will tend to takebetter care of the eyewear

Hassle free for your management, we can complete the whole process of dispensing the prescription safety glass from eye refraction to delivery.

Our in-house registered opticians can provide on-site eyes test and dispensing consultation.

Our practice has been established since 1961, we have great and profssional experience in dispensing prescription safety glasses.

We provide free courier delivery for outstation laboratory or factory.

Invisible Risk Generator Of Using Standard Safety Glass Over Employee Prescription Glasses

When it comes to workplace safety, Chen Optometrist has your eyes covered

The welfare of your employee’s eyesight is your responsibility

Caring for the health of your employees’ eyesight is crucial for their optimal performance and comfort at work. Inadequate eye protection leads to failure in observing occupational health and safety practices, which are the major causes of workplace eye injuries. Chen Optometrist Certified Prescription Safety Glasses can ensure that your legal requirements are met effortlessly and affordably.

In order to establish the best type of Certified Prescription Safely Glasses for your employees, it is advisable to conduct a risk assessment of your working environment on a regular basis.

Chen Optometrist Premium Selection of Prescription Safety Glasses

Our mission is to passionately provide affordable eyecare for all; effortlessly, clearly and consistently. Our Prescription Safety Glasses are no different. When you choose Chen Optometrist you are in safe hands. Our range of Prescription Safety Glasses are built with ANSI standards; AS/NZS 1337.6:2012 (for both safety frame and prescription lenses), it is safe, stylish and comfortable to wear. All pairs also come with a 6 months warranty against manufacturing defects. Our prescription polycarbonate lenses have a light weight feel and are tough, durable and able to cope with most situations.

Eye Test

Regular eye tests are essential for clear and comfortable vision. We recommend that eye tests to be carried out before ordering safety glasses to ensure that the prescription is accurate.

The Perfect Fit

The safeness of the prescription safety glasses depends on how well it sits on the wearer’s face. We offer a complete measurement and fitting service before dispensing the new Prescription Safety Glasses.

Safety Glass Selection

Model 1: Safety Frame + Prescription Safety Lens

A simple piece of prescription safety eyewear. Grip and comfort are its key-points.

  • Lightweight hypo-allergenic full nylon frame
  • Impact-resistant integrated side shields
  • Tested and complies to ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard

Model 2: Safety Frame + Prescription Safety Lens

Stronger, more durable and extra comfortable. The enhancement model, better with metal-free design. Trendy and excellent fine finishing.

  • Lightweight impact-resistant nylon/polycarbonate frame
  • Dual density injected anti-slip skull-grip temples
  • Impact-resistant integrated TR90 side shields
  • Comfortable ABS/thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
  • browguard
  • 3-point adjustable temple inclination for better fit
  • Integrated universal-fit nose pads
  • Metal-free: does not contain any metal parts
  • Tested and complies to ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard

Default package inclusive:

Safety frame x 1 unit
Prescription safety lens (single vision) x 1 pair

Safety Lens

Polycarbonate Prescription Safety Lens

Safety frame is important but don’t forget about important safety level of the prescription lens. Safety frame and safety lens both have to incoorperate with each other to perform maximize safeness. We dispensed both safety frame and safety lens that meet ANSI standard. What make us different? We selected polycarbonate ophthalmic lenses (optical grade) as our prescription safety lenses. It is the proven and ideal material for the perfect safety glasses. Select the right material to optimize safety level.

Enquiry & Ordering

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